Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you’re a Cloud service provider interested in offering virtual private server (VPS) hosting to small and medium businesses, Parallels enables you to do so more profitably. We offer automation for the delivery of Linux and Windows VPSs. And Parallels give you a choice of three virtualization technologies: the highly efficient, container-based Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC), Microsoft Hyper-V servers for Dynamic Data Center deployments and elastic Cloud Infrastructure.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Save time and manage quality of service with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

Parallels Automation and PVC streamline VPS hosting with full automation of ordering, provisioning, billing, charge-backs, and user notifications. Parallels also simplifies management of applications and quality-of-service parameters. For example, you can:

  • Set the VPS up to add applications—either when it’s provisioned or in response to user requests
  • Set CPU and memory limits for the VPS, plus priorities for using spare CPU cycles and spare memory
  • Set disk limits for the VPS and manage upgrades

For further flexibility, you can link all quality-of-service parameters—such as CPU, memory, and disk usage—to service templates, so users can easily select the options they need. You can also specify additional parameters, such as sockets, processes, TCP connections, and more.

You can choose to deliver both fully managed VPSs, which spare customers the complexities of server management and allow them to set server options via a Web front end; and VPSs with root access, where customers manage their servers directly through command lines and scripts. In both cases, customers can order, maintain, and pay for services online, so a decision to buy or upgrade results in immediate service delivery.

Gain additional automation for your Hyper-V-based servers
Microsoft’s System Center provides core deployment and monitoring capabilities for Hyper-V virtual machines using its Dynamic Data Center. Parallels Automation augments those capabilities by providing end-to-end automation, including an automated storefront, payment processing and billing, pre-engineered service modules, provisioning, built-in business support (such as help with branding or reseller management), and self-service control panels. Plus it helps you increase profits by enabling you to deliver a wide range of Cloud services and service bundles with a single automation system. Parallels gives you:

  • Faster service delivery at a lower cost to you
  • An improved end-user experience, decreasing churn.
  • Multi-level VAR reseller management capability to extend your market reach
  • The ability to add other Cloud services and deliver them all with a single automation system, simplifying management and increasing your profits

Profitably offer Cloud datacenter services
Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure is an elastic, turnkey, and scalable Cloud computing solution that makes it easier than ever for service providers to profitably deliver Cloud computing services to small and mid-sized businesses. A new Parallels Automation offering, Parallels Cloud Infrastructure includes virtualization, automation, billing, and customer self-service capabilities, together with an online store that your customers can use to purchase Cloud services from you.

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