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Ready for Windows 10 and El Capitan

Run Windows® 10 in a virtual machine with ease. Upgrade Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, or create a brand new virtual machine with Windows 10. You can even run Windows 10 on El Capitan.

Lightning Fast Performance

For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, boot time and shut down time can be as much as 50% faster. Battery life is extended up to 15%. Virtual machines suspend up to 20% faster. Many tasks in Windows up to 25% faster.

Visual Studio

With Parallels Desktop Pro Edition, use the remote debugging features of Visual Studio to start an application in a virtual machine for debugging.

Improved Battery Life

New “Travel Mode” temporarily shuts down resource intensive services in order to extend battery life while away from a power source.

Always on Cortana®

Brings Windows goodness to Mac. Use Cortana, the Microsoft speech enabled virtual assistant, even when Windows 10 is not the forefront application.

Designed to be Faster, Easier,
and More Powerful

Ready for Windows 10 and El Capitan

Run Windows® 10 and OS X® El Capitan with ease. You can even upgrade your virtual machine from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. 

Real-Time Location

Mapping applications like Google Earth now receive location data in real time from OS X.

Notification Center Comes to Mac

While in Coherence Mode, quickly view notifications through an icon located in your OS X menu bar.

Windows Printing made Easy

No need to install a print driver in Windows; printing from the virtual machine now opens the native OS X printer dialog to print to your OS X configured printer.

Quickly Switch into Coherence Mode

Quickly switch into Coherence Mode, maintaining the look and feel of OS X for your Windows apps.

Improved File Associations

Right click on a file in OS X and choose to have the files open in your virtual machine, and remember that choice for all operations with the extension.

New! Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition

Designed for developers, power users, and other pros who demand more from their software.

Leverage popular productivity tools to reduce time spent on development and testing with Parallels Desktop Pro Edition. Validate web apps in any browser on any operating system.

Docker Integration 

Create and manage Docker virtual machines from within Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition.

Visual Studio Plugin

You can easily extend the remote debugging feature of Visual Studio in a separate VM from the primary VM that is running Visual Studio. Allowing you to debug in an isolated environment safe should something go wrong with your application.


Quick identification for recipes created from within Parallels Virtual Machines. 


Learn how to work with Docker containers locally, before you start hosting.


You can run your builds in virtual machines by initiating and managing with Jenkins. Build OS X and iOS apps with Jenkins and continuous integration (CI). Managing virtual machines is easier and cheaper than hardware–troubleshoot, restart, rebuild faster and easier.

Vagrant provider

Allows you to download the ready to use environment in seconds. This is done with just one command, “vagrant up,” saving you time. If you use Vagrant Share by Hashicorp–you can give access to your VM via SSH or HTTP to anybody in the world, enabling faster review cycles.

Advanced Networking Tools

Create virtual networks for complex network scenarios and testing, including simulating various network instabilities.

Business Cloud Service Support

With either Pro or Business Editions, virtual machines gain easy access to Business Cloud Services, including OneDrive Business,, and DropBox for Business.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Includes all the power features of the Pro Edition, plus advanced control and management features for IT.

Unified Volume License Key

Parallels Desktop Business Edition simplifies administration in support of streamlined mass deployments. Reduces key management hassles and improves auditability.

License Management Portal

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition offers administrators vital information, such as license expiration, usage statistics, and real-time visibility into licensing activities to easily manage all deployed licenses.

Parallels Desktop for your team

If you love what Parallels Desktop does, imagine what it can do for your company. Get Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition for your entire team or business.


Parallels Desktop
Pro Edition
Business Edition
50% faster than previous versions
Support for Windows 10, Ready for El Capitan
Travel Mode
Microsoft Cortana, your intelligent, learning digital assistant
Automated performance tuning
Quick Look—goodness exposed to Windows
Complimentary Parallels Access (a 24.99 AUD/yr value) 3 months  
Virtual RAM / virtual CPUs for each VM 8GB vRAM / 4 vCPUs 64GB vRAM / 16 vCPUs 64GB vRAM / 16 vCPUs
Microsoft Visual Studio Plug-in

Support for popular development, design, and test tools including Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Chef  
Advanced networking tools
Support for Business Cloud Services
Premium 24/7 phone and email support
First 30 days
Centralized administration and management    
Single Key across all installations
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