I’d like to announce some minor licensing and pricing changes to the 2X product line. As we continue to combine purchasing cost affordability and on-going maintenance predictability, we’ve initiated the following changes:

Our 2X VirtualDesktopServer will now boast three entry-level offerings, designed for optimal flexibility and user performance:

  • VirtualDesktopServer Small Business Edition (VDSSMB) – 1 server per farm, with up to 80 desktops/connections or virtual guest OS’s and a single Publishing Agent and SecureClientGateway – includes 2X ApplicationServer Small Business, provides the best cost-performance ratio for a single server, and is non-upgradeable.
  • VirtualDesktopServer Professional Edition (VDSPRO) – 2 servers per farm, with up to 160 desktops/connections or virtual guest OS’s and two Publishing Agents and SecureClientGateways; includes 2X ApplicationServer Enterprise with Universal Printing, and is upgradable to VDSENT.
  • VirtualDesktopServer Enterprise Edition (VDSENT) – 3 servers per farm, with unlimited Publishing Agents and SecureClientGateways, desktops and virtual guest OS’s. Allows multiple servers per farm – is upgradable by adding additional servers (VDSAGENT), with a successive cost depending upon the number of additional servers added.

We’ve also made additional licensing changes to better support our customer base:

  • Version Upgrades part numbers have been discontinued; customers with valid Upgrade Insurance (UPIN) will not be effected.  If no Upgrade Insurance is available, new full versions can be purchased after major product releases.
  • Entry-level 2X ApplicationServer and 2X VirtualDesktopServer products include 2X Universal Printing and Scanning. Prices for 6+ servers are available upon request.
  • 2X Loadbalancer pricing for 8+ servers are pro-rated per the number of terminal servers; 2X ThinClientServer pricing is pro-rated per the number of managed devices for 100+ devices. Prices are available upon request via sales@2x.com.

Note: actual quotes are valid until their expiry date.

For further information please follow the link to our 2X Licensing Guide or to our Price Lists May 2010 or contact us via sales@2x.com

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