Prevent Remote Connections Creating a Security Nightmare on Your Corporate Network

Dallas/Irving, USA, 12 Jan 2009, 2X Software, one of the leading developers in virtual computing software has released its latest products, 2X Application Server 6.2 and 2X VirtualDesktopServer (Beta), with the integration of unified Two-Factor Authentication delivered by security expert Deepnet Security. This solution is ideal for enterprise users requiring secure remote access, while preventing unauthorized access to the corporate network.

Modern companies are enjoying the cost savings and productivity gains inherent in allowing employees to work from home, while users benefit from the convenience of telecommuting. In addition, executives, salespeople and others need to connect to the company network when on the road, and/or need to access network resources out of office hours. This means growing demand for remote access connections to the organization’s network – with more potential security issues. To prevent these remote connections from creating a security nightmare on your network, 2X and Deepnet have joined forces to deliver a seamless and easy to use solution.

“Deepnet Unified Authentication delivers a rich set of two-factor authentication methods in a unified security platform. In the past, network administrators have had to source authentication systems separately, now it all works seamlessly within 2X Software,” said Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software Ltd. “It is an ideal strong authentication technology for 2X products, providing extra peace of mind for enterprises, particularly where companies require high security remote access and for environments with high demands on security like banks or hospitals.”

Yurong Lin, CEO of Deepnet Security, comments: “The native integration of Deepnet Unified Authentication into the 2X solutions strikes the perfect balance between usability, security and TCO. 2X application users will now be able to benefit from the cost-effective, strong two-factor authentication that is natively and fully integrated into the 2X solutions.”

How does Two-factor authentication work?

To improve security over a single password, two-factor authentication means any authentication mechanism where more than one thing is required to authenticate a user. The two components of two-factor authentication are: ‘Something you know’ (eg a password) and ‘Something you have’ (eg an electronic token card). Deepnet Unified Authentication is a single integrated security platform for provisioning, managing and verifying all types of user and host authentication methods, form-factors and user credentials, including:

  • Hardware Tokens: OATH-compliant, RSA SecurID, Vasco DigiPass
  • Software, Mobile Phone & SMS Tokens
  • USB Flash Drive Tokens
  • Virtual Smart Card

Obtaining the free version

2X is offering a free 3 connection license of 2X ApplicationServer 6.2 for Windows Terminal Services available here. Organizations can install applications onto one central server and use 2X ApplicationServer to seamlessly tunnel up to 3 connections per server onto remote desktops.

About Deepnet Security Ltd

Deepnet Security provides enterprises, financial institutions and ecommerce websites with the most flexible, two-factor and two-way authentication solutions that are user friendly and cost effective. Its key product, Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform, provides multiple solutions in one single security platform. Its unique authentication products include hardware, software and mobile phone based one-time passwords, keystroke biometrics, virtual smart cards and device authentication.

For additional information please visit Deepnet Security.

About 2X

2X Software Ltd – 2X – is a company developing software for the booming server-based computing market. Thin client computing controls spiraling PC management costs, centralizes application and desktop management, improves security and performance and allows users to work remotely. The company’s product line includes: 2X ThinClientServer, 2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services/Citrix, 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services, and 2X VirtualDesktopServer. 2X is a privately held company with offices in the USA, Germany, UK, Cyprus and Malta. Its management team is backed by years of experience in developing and selling network infrastructure software. 2X is a Microsoft and RedHat partner. For more information visit:

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