We are proud to announce new features and fixes for 2X MDM, which includes the ability to remotely trigger wipe data and lock mobile devices by sending an SMS to the device, the ability to enforce a Password Policy on the device, and Street Address Resolution for the location tracking feature.

A new version of the 2X MDM app is also now available Google Play, which improves the overall stability of the app.

2X MDM Server Improvements

    • Added: Enforce Password Policy feature.
    • Added: Send an SMS to devices to remotely lock/wipe devices.
    • Added: Alert functionality to deliver email notifications to Administrators.
    • Added: Resolving of GPS coordinates to a Street Address, and adding Street Address to location history.
    • Added: Separate tracking history tab (including Street Address), and filtering by date range.
    • Added: Map in location history to show device location for a particular location history record.
    • Added: Location History Export to CSV.
    • Added: SMS-triggered Lock and Wipe abilities.
    • Added: Confirm to server the receipt of a Lock/Wipe instruction.
    • Added: Support for enforcing Password Policy.
    • Added: Ability to plot paths on map in location history when multiple entries are selected (using shift key)
    • Improved: Automatic detection of country on signup.
    • Improved: Dashboard cleaned up and clarified.
    • Improved: Added option to change country assigned to the account in the settings page.
    • Improved: Toolbar now shows Account Name.
    • Improved: Added an option to specify country and phone number for a device.
    • Improved: Devices page now shows the group the device belongs to.
    • Improved: Added scrolling for small screen resolutions.
    • Improved: Reduced battery load by optimizing App-to-Server synchronization.
    • Improved: Clearer Client Status Messages.
    • Improved: Overall stability.
    • Fixed: Recovery of a deleted device can also recover previous settings.
    • Fixed: Application Installation issues through APK file on Android 2.3+ devices.
    • Fixed: Lock now always applied instantly on all device models once the instruction is received.
    • Known Issues
      • Lock will not work on Android 3.0 - 3.2 unless a password had already been set once manually by the user. (This is an Android bug).

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