Parallels RDP Client Desktop Replacement: Beta of Parallels Remote Application Server V.12

We’ve just launched the beta of Parallels Remote Application Server V12, with amazing new features. This beta version is fully functional and it offers you the opportunity to try our product.

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Administrative Mode in the Parallels RDP Client Desktop Replacement

Parallels Remote Application Server version 12 includes a new feature (Replace Desktop) for Windows devices which are being managed. When enabled, the Windows operating system is converted into a thin client device as explained in the article “New Client Manager features in Parallels Remote Application Server v12 ”.

Parallels RDP Client Desktop Replacement

In this mode, the user is restricted to use only the applications provided by the administrator. If the administrator needs to change system settings, he can switch the device to administration mode by right clicking on the system tray icon, selecting “Switch to admin mode” and providing the password configured.

2X RDP Client Desktop Replacement

The user has to type in the password set for the device in the Parallels Management Console.

2X RDP Client Desktop Replacement

When the changes to the system are ready, the same procedure should be followed, but this time select “Switch to user mode”. Administrators can also do this while shadowing a session, thus managing all aspects of the device from the Parallels Management Console.

The following is a list of enabled  features:

Feature User Mode Admin Mode
Parallels RDP Client Global Options X
Parallels Client Farm Connection Properties X
Configuration of Local Applications X
Ability to add New Parallels Remote Application Server Connection X
Ability to add New Standard RDP Connection X
Ability to Manage Standard RDP Connections and Folders X
Display Settings X X
Mouse Settings X X
Printer Settings X
Task Manager X
Control Panel X
Command Prompt X
Windows Explorer X
Import / Export Settings X

It is important to note that you have to switch to admin mode, if you want to configure a local application.

2X RDP Client Desktop Replacement

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