The 2X server hardware requirements to install and configure 2X Remote Application Server can vary according to end-user requirements.

Typically for an installation of 30 users or under 2X Remote Application Server can be installed on one high specification server and the resources published directly from it. For more than 30 users, multiple servers may be required.

The below should be considered during the planning stage of a 2X Remote Application Server deployment:

  • High specification servers should be used, consisting of multiple CPU cores, a high specification disk transfer rate and plenty of RAM
  • Virtual machine hypervisors can be used as long as the resources required by the end-users are calculated accordingly.
  • Terminal servers should not exceed 50 users per terminal server in usage.
  • The 2X Secure Gateway should not exceed 200 users per server for incoming connections.
  • When planning VDI Hypervisor resource requirements, extra requirements such as RAM usage per virtual machine and disk space should be taken into account.

The operating system requirements for 2X Remote Application Server are clarified here:

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