Over the last 12 months Parallels has certified more than 140 2Xperts worldwide. We have recently revised our certification content and we are continuing to offer our Parallels Certification Training to our partners frequently throughout the year.

The Parallels Certification test takes approximately 50 minutes, comprised of approximately 45 product-related questions, with at least half of the questions being technically-related.  Passing the test designates you as a Parallels Remote Application Server Certified Partner, and allows you to receive the Parallels Logo and a CEO-signed certificate. Additionally, this qualification provides your company with an upgrade to Parallels Advanced Partner status!

need for a self-study program, or you can visit aThere are two ways you can prepare yourself for the Parallels Certification Test.  Our website contains all the material you n onsite group training session held by one of our representatives, near your location.

1)    Self-Study

To successfully complete the test and become a 2Xpert, you should:

2)    On-site group training

If you prefer to visit a group training session to become a 2Xpert, you should:

Once you have become a certified Parallels Remote Application Server, we will promote your reseller contact details within our partner section on our website, provided that the partner is registered with us and has posted his Parallels Partner Logo and product information on the company website linked back to us. As an extra bonus, you are entitled to receive sales leads from your area.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks for your continued interest in Parallels products!

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