As Android devices grow in popularity, the need for Android Device Management is now becoming a strategic IT concern as companies look at various possibilities to manage and secure their employee's Android smartphones and tablets.

There's now an abundance of Android devices in the workplace with both company-owned and employee-owned devices hooking up to the various corporate networks. The risk of leaking or losing sensitive corporate data has never been greater, which has pushed company CEO's to take a serious look at Android Mobile Device Management.

What Should a Company Look for in their Android Mobile Device Management System?

  • Remote Lock and Wipe - Use a Mobile Device Management (2X MDM) solution that can remote lock and wipe devices via SMS or Google Push services.
  • Strong Password Policy - Setting a strong password policy remotely is vital to the ongoing security.
  • Remove Rogue Apps - Your 2X MDM solution should be able to easily remove rogue or malicious apps.
  • Find and Track Android Devices - Look for an 2X MDM solution that can find and track the movement of an Android device.
  • Remote Control - An interface – accessible from a web browser – to control certain aspects of the device from anywhere.

The 2X MDM Android Mobile Device Management Solution

2X MDM (2X MDM) is a robust Android Mobile Device Management solution that can manage, secure and track all your connected Android devices. It's a hosted mobile device management system that leverages Bing maps to easily find and track your Android smartphones and tablets and until the end of year, 2X MDM is free to use!

Sign up for your FREE 2X MDM account and reap the benefits of an Android Mobile Device Management solution.

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