It doesn't take a genius to realize we're entering the era of tablet computing - Android tablets as well as iPads are all the rage nowadays. The recent release of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime has brought Android tablets to a point that they compete even with laptops. DigiTimes expects that Android tablet-makers will ship over 45 million tablets running Android in 2012. That's a 137% increase, up from the 19 million expected to be sold by the end of 2011. Gartner Also predicted that over “30% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016” and 70% of roving professionals will conduct work on personal mobile devices by 2018. So it's there for all to see; more and more of us are picking up Android tablets for personal and business use.

It makes sense - we use tablets to access the internet, check emails, as a portable calendar and planner, to provide sales support by accessing cloud based customer relationship management software, and also to make customer presentations.

With all our sensitive corporate data and confidential emails being accessed from our Android tablets, we need to consider security. After all, you don't want that data falling into the wrong hands should you ever lose your Android tablet or have it stolen - and it does happen. So what can you do?

Mobile Device Management is the best option out there. 2X MDM gives businesses and families the ability to manage and monitor their Android tablets - you can remotely lock your devices and change the unlock password when you suspect something might be wrong, forcing the user to input the new password in order to continue. In the worst case scenario, when your Android tablets might not be recoverable, you can use the remote wipe feature to reset the tablet and any attached SD cards back to their default factory settings, ensuring there isn't any sensitive data on the device at all. It might not come down to that though, as if you ever lose your Android tablet or have it stolen, you may be able to recover it with the Find and Track feature which allows you to see its real time location via Google Maps.

Secure your Android Tablets today by signing up for a free 2X MDM Account. Follow this getting started guide on how to secure your Android tablets in just a few minutes.

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