A recent study carried out by Nielsen has shown that Android users spend 9.3 hours a month, on average, playing games on their devices.

Games are the most downloaded form of app as 64% of Android users prefer game apps. Next up are social networking apps, (at 56%). While only 76% of users would spend money on a news app, for instance, 93% of app downloaders are willing to pay for the games they play and 87% for entertainment apps.

These stats show us that companies have to start taking note of how smartphones are used by their employees, because non-work related activities during business hours can cost them. With games and social networking being so popular, and understandably so, it's not far fetched to say that Android users in your company might start letting themselves spend just a little too much time on apps that aren't related to their jobs.

Not only can games waste a lot of employee time, but some games can quickly eat away at bandwidth and break data plan limits, thereby increasing the costs for the company.

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