The need for app management is higher now than it has ever been. At the beginning of this year, Distimo, the app store research firm, said that the total number of active applications worldwide in the Android Market had hit 400,000. In April 2011, the number was 200,000 and in August, 300,000.

It's no wonder that mobile apps are so popular as you can pretty much find an app to do anything, save making you coffee. Calendars, Task Lists, Email, Internet, Word Processors, Maps and more mean that employees can use their Android smartphone or tablet to improve their efficiency and work output.

With all the good those apps can bring, it's important not to overlook the apps that could do the opposite. Facebook, for example, or smartphone games, can lead to a lot of employee time being wasted which is why you need to take app management seriously.

Mobile Device Management is becoming an extremely popular way to take care of app management, thanks to it's ease of use and because you don't actually need the device in front of you to change its settings. With 2X MDM, you can see every app that is installed on every connected Android device and then, if you find an app you don't approve of, issue from the online dashboard the command to remove it.

If you come across an app you feel your staff will benefit from, or you have a custom built app, you can remotely deploy it to any number of devices simultaneously, rather than having to get each mobile device and do  it manually, or spend your days chasing up each employee.

Sign up for your free 2X MDM account today in order to make app management a breeze.

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