BYOD rise adoption has been growing rapidly since it first emerged in 2009, which is no surprise since businesses today rely a lot on mobility by allowing their employees to use personal devices to stay connected to the corporate network. A report by Forrester Research revealed that 60% of employees use personal devices at work, and in businesses, 75% of the devices connected to the corporate network are employee-owned.

Even though BYOD has received numerous negative criticism especially concerning security, it is still growing at a 15% annually. A report conducted by MarketsandMarkets estimates that the BYOD market is expected to reach $180 billion by the year of 2017, which is huge. The largest share of the overall managed BYOD market is claimed by North America leading the way with 36% of the market share. The report indicates that the North American Market will hit $58.60 billion by 2017.

The more businesses embrace BYOD schemes, the more security risks arise. Enterprises that use BYOD need to be able to manage and secure their corporate network. Employees will have access to all sensitive corporate data, their devices might be lost or even worse stolen, and just like that the data are exposed. With the right Mobile Device Management solution business can continue embracing BYOD risk-free.

What is the right solution? 2X MDM IS the right solution as many businesses worldwide have already implemented it along with their own BYOD schemes. With 2X MDM, business can find and track devices, secure corporate data, manage and deploy apps, monitor the devices’ usage, block rogue apps, enforce powerful password policies and remotely lock and wipe the device.

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