Parallels MDM receives constant updates from connected devices. These updates contain information about the status of the device and are presented to the Parallels  MDM account administrator in individual tabs per selected device.

Review this information according to the next steps:

  1. Log in to the Parallels MDM portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Devices’ node.
  3. Select a device.

Pay special attention to the information displayed within the Application tab, Location History tab, Call History tab and Data Usage tab.


Review Device Statistics

This tab lists applications installed on the selected device. Pay special attention to the 'Status' column to filter for results based on set Whitelist/ Blacklist violations.

Location History

Review Device Statistics

Review locations the selected device has visited up until the most recent location update. Selected locations shall be presented on the map. Additionally, filter location updates based on date and time, address and latitude and longitude coordinates.

Call History

Review Device Statistics

Review incoming, outgoing and missed calls recorded on the selected device including information such as the date and time the call was placed/ received, phone number and duration of the call.

Data Usage

Review Device Statistics

Keep track of instantly updated data statistics for both Wi-Fi and Mobile data use per month.

Additionally, review the info tab for device information such as the hardware, operator/ network, OS and Parallels MDM client.

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