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Cloud computing enables organizations to reduce their operational and capital expenditure by outsourcing the running of applications. By doing so, IT departments within organizations focus more time on the implementation of critical projects and less time in the operation of data centers. Therefore, more of an organization’s workforce energy is focused on the development and growth of projects instead of the investment in infrastructure that the projects require to function.

With cloud computing, organizations run their applications from an outside location which is usually a distant operational center. For example, if you want to install an application on computers in a company network, you would prefer not to run around installing the application on all computers one-by-one. Instead, you could use a software distribution server to automatically install the application to run on all the networked computers. A good example is when installing a Microsoft service pack update; you don’t have to go around to all computers one-by-one to install the service pack. Instead, you set up a software distribution server to distribute the service pack update to all the computers on the network.

Cloud application servers offer availability for computing workloads and provide workload scalability which allows companies to accommodate heavy computing workloads, swiftly. Businesses are expanding the use of public cloud services beyond short term use. SaaS offers several advantages over on-premise deployments.  Some of the advantages include infrastructure availability, cost management and scalability. Enterprises and SMBs operating on-premise deployments can integrate with public cloud services such as SaaS. The leading cloud services that enterprises and SMBs want to buy include Software as a Service, Storage as a Service, and infrastructure as a service. Software as a Service remains first on the list as a cloud service which enterprises and SMBs are willing to try.

There are various cloud computing solutions in the market today. 2X Software is an enabler of SaaS. With their 2X Remote Application Server software, they offer all the cloud application solutions that meet the needs of enterprises and SMBs. Some of the features that 2X Remote Application Server offers for a complete cloud application delivery include: Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery, Web Portal for Cloud Computing, Session Isolation, Seamless Integration, Latest RDP/RemoteFX functionality, Access Rights and Permissions, and File Associations, among others.

Many companies seek cloud computing solutions for cost savings, and because of the efficiency that comes with it. 2X Remote Application Server allows companies to do away with expensive IT systems and use the savings for more critical operational expenses. Think of the burden that comes with IT systems support and maintenance; by relegating some of IT systems and software operations, an enterprise has time to focus on how productive to be with its workload rather than on management of underlying systems and software. This is one of the reasons why there is an increasing trend from IT business owners and data center managers to turn to the cloud and SaaS with 2X Software.

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