To manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with Parallels 2X MDM, you need to create an Apple Push Certificate and upload it to the Parallels 2X MDM portal. This allows Parallels 2X MDM to send instructions to your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. Just one certificate is necessary for the account and allows you to manage any iOS devices connected to the Parallels 2X MDM account. To create an Apple Push Certificate you need to have an Apple ID logon (

You might experience issues with Apple's push certificate portal when using Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Create your Apple Push Certificate Request

  1. Log into the Parallels 2X MDM Admin Portal: browse to
  2. Go to "System -> Apple Certificate".Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  3. Specify your Country from the drop down list.Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  4. Click on "Generate" to create your Apple Push Certificate Request. It will automatically be download to your computer (file will have extension ".csr"), and you will be shown the above screen to upload the Apple certificate.

Step 2: Download your Apple Push Certificate

You must now go to the Apple site to retrieve your Apple Push Certificate.

  1. Go to and login with your Apple ID. (Note: you cannot do this if your account is in the Apple Development Program).
  2. Click on "Create a Certificate".Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  3. Click on "Choose File" and select the CSR file generated in Step 1.
  4. Click on "Upload".Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  5. Your Apple Push Certificate will be created and you will be sent to a Confirmation page.
  6. Click 'Download' to save the certificate (Creates a file on your computer with extension ".pem").

Step 3: Upload your Apple Push Certificate to your Parallels 2X MDM account

  1. Switch back to the Parallels 2X MDM Management Console web page.Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  2. In the Apple Certificate node, click on 'Select Apple Push Certificate (PEM)' button and select the PEM file.Apple Certificate for 2X MDM
  3. Click on the "Upload" button. Once the upload is done, you will see a confirmation dialog.

Your Parallels 2X MDM account is now ready to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices!

You will now need enroll each of your iPhones, iPads or iPod touches with your Parallels 2X MDM account. To do this, read this blog post: Enroll an iPhone or iPad with Parallels 2X MDM.

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