Take advantage of configurable alerts to notify the Parallels MDM account administrator of important events executed on connected devices.

Configure Alerts

Parallels MDM provides a range of alerts that can be configured according to the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Parallels MDM Portal.
  2. Navigate to the 'Alerts' node.
  3. Click 'Configure Alerts'.

2X MDM Alert Dialogue box4. You shall be prompted to configure the below alerts:

  • SMS Command Failed: SMS wipe or lock command fails.
  • Client Locked: Client lock command is completed.
  • Client Wiped: Device executes a wipe.
  • Application Control Violation: Applications installed on the device violate the set whitelist/ blacklist.
  • Parallels MDM Agent Uninstalled (iOS Only): Parallels MDM app is uninstalled
  • Device Administrator Disabled: Parallels MDM administrator disabled on Android/ Parallels MDM profile removed on iOS
  • Tracking Provider Disabled: Location services disabled
  • Device Offline: Offline for X amount of hours
  • Mobile data Usage limit reached: X MB of data is exceeded per month

Once a device triggers an enabled alert, an Email will be sent to the Parallels MDM account administrator including additional information, depending on the alert type.

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