The Challenges of Mobile Corporate Apps

It is a challenge to monitor and manage corporate apps on a versatile range of devices. It takes time to deploy CRM and other apps on each device. It is cumbersome to make changes to each device following an application update. Data security is a big concern, but it is not easy to review each device and monitor rogue applications.

When employees download mobile apps, security threats are ever-present. Along with malware and spyware, malicious apps threaten to breach customer privacy by sharing their data with unauthorized persons. Vulnerable apps allow a hacker to access sensitive corporate data and perform undesirable actions. Among mobile devices, Android devices are more prone to hacking due to Android’s open nature. Taking advantage of this, hackers disguise malware as an app and upload it to the Android market. According to research conducted by security software firm Bit9, 100K Android apps were found to be suspicious and a significant number of Google apps were found to have the ability to access critical and sensitive corporate data.

Physical threats also arise when a device is lost or stolen. In such cases, corporate data can be compromised.

2X MDM Solutions for Corporate Apps

2X MDM is a comprehensive mobile device management solution from 2X Software, having tools that enable businesses to monitor and manage corporate apps effectively. Using 2X MDM, you can deploy apps simultaneously on all devices. Moreover, you can group devices by department and function and mass deploy corporate apps for a specific group. From a single dashboard, you can monitor all devices and identify any rogue applications downloaded on any device. By creating a whitelist of apps, you can allow employees to download certain applications. When an app violates the MDM policy, the IT administrator is automatically notified. You can create a blacklist of apps and prevent your employees from downloading them. When a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely change the password, wipe off data and lock the device. Even when the device is not connected to the internet, you can make changes to the device remotely using an SMS. With 2X MDM, you can manage, control and support corporate apps remotely, from a single dashboard.

2X MDM is easy to install and configure: it only takes five minutes to get the tool up and running. This powerful tool monitors both company-owned and personal mobile devices efficiently, while ensuring compliance with corporate security policies.

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