More and more businesses are deploying mobile devices to their employees. It makes perfect sense - keeping in contact with employees while they move about, mobile tracking, being able to access work emails when out in the field, checking for directions and being readily available when a customer calls means workers are more productive and companies have a more professional image. When people leave their house in the morning, they inevitably check they have their wallet, keys and their mobile device. Mobile devices have become essential tools in business. 

Accidents happen, though, and unfortunately mobile devices often get lost or stolen. For example, the Metropolitan Police report that approximately 10,000 mobile phones get stolen each month in the UK alone. If this happens to you, you will not only lose all your contacts and messages, emails and applications, but confidential sensitive company data can be exposed.

With 2X MDM, however, this no longer has to be a problem as users can find and track mobile devices. Users can find a lost mobile device, or a stolen device, via Google Maps, and you can even lock it remotely so that should it be found by someone else they won’t be able to access the data contained on it. Having a global security policy pushed out to devices also helps to protect the data.

Sometimes a mobile device may be unrecoverable, but that’s where 2X MDM can completely wipe all data from the device remotely. Businesses no longer need to worry about having their sensitive information jeopardized.

Sign up to 2X MDM today to be able to find a lost mobile device and ensure your company data remains safe even when it leaves the office.

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