According to a 5 September 2012 Mail Online article by Robin Yapp, 73 percent of UK 10 year-olds have a personal mobile phone. 31 percent of American 10 year-olds and 10 percent of French 10 year-olds have personal mobile phones, while a staggering 83 percent of Polish children are carrying mobiles in their school bags - the global average is 45 percent. Given these numbers, there’s a good chance your child has his or her own mobile phone. Why not use that phone make sure your child is safe and sound?

2X MDM can remotely track any child with a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS, via Google Maps, and can even provide a complete history of where your child has been for a selected period of time. Its features include:

  • Remote deployment and removal of apps: review all apps your children have installed on their devices, remove harmful apps quickly and easily.
  • Remote lock: in case someone other than your child is using the device.
  • Data wipe: if your child loses his or her phone, even if that device isn’t connected to the Internet, you can still delete all data, emails, messages and personal photos.

The 2X MDM Android app uses your child’s phone’s inbuilt GPS functionality. Once you’ve you downloaded and installed the 2X MDM app, you simply add your child’s mobile phone to your 2X MDM account. You can then track his or her location remotely from the Mobile Device Manager dashboard using Google Maps. All tracking information is updated in real time.

Sign up for your account now and get started with our step by step guide here. For the latest 2X MDM news, read the blog and ‘Like’ the 2X MDM Facebook Page.

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