I've personally lost two mobile devices in the past couple of years. I tried putting up reward posters to no avail, only succeeding in wasting my time and receiving prank calls from jokers.  I had often wondered how to find a lost mobile phone and I worried about the contact details and messages I no longer had.

With GPS technology now widely available in mobile phones, I don't need to worry about how to find a lost mobile anymore.

2X MDM uses GPS and WiFi to find and track mobile devices in real time. The precise location is displayed on the online 2X MDM dashboard via Google Maps.

When I am asked how to find a lost mobile, I simply direct my family, friends and colleagues to sign up for a free account. In the past three months, I successfully recovered my HTC Desire Android smartphone within 25 minutes - I had left it in a clients office. Rather than panic, as I would have done previously, I had peace of mind that 2X MDM would show me exactly where my mobile was.

Not only can 2X MDM show you where your phone is, but it comes equipped with all mobile device management features. For example, if I wanted to, I could see the route my mobile phone had taken. There are a lot of other useful features that can help businesses as well as parents, and I will cover them in up and coming blog posts.

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