Businesses everywhere are starting to take advantage of mobile phones and tablets. Employees are handed mobile devices, or can use their own, to increase their mobility and productivity with email, task lists, the internet, reporting apps and more all at their fingertips. This, though, brings up the need for Android management.

With all those different Android phones and tablets out there, coming with different versions of the operating system, Android management might seem like a hassle. Maybe some apps don't work across all versions, for example. If your company has handed out hundreds of Android mobile phones to its employees, how do you go about installing, upgrading, deleting or changing apps for each and every device? Many companies are turning to mobile device management as makes it easy to deal with all those different mobile devices.

2X MDM allows you to manage Android devices company-wide - individually or as a group - from one online dashboard. You can manage the apps on each device and remotely install or delete them, without having to take each individual device to check, which saves a lot of time.

Mobile device management also allows you to manage where your Android devices are - Android tracking allows you to view the routes taken by employees and their real time location on a Google Map within the dashboard.

Using a mobile device management system takes the nightmare out of managing Android devices - sign up for your  free 2X MDM account to start managing Android phones and tablets easily and quickly.

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