We are proud to announce that 2X MDM has received an upgrade which delivers new functionality to provide better management for your mobile devices. More information on the new features will be published on our blog over the next few days.

New iPhone Support in 2X MDM

2X MDM now includes support for iPhones, delivered using Apple's Push Notification Service. You can now remotely lock or wipe your iPhone devices and can also apply password policies.

2X MDM Android and iPhone Apps

To take advantage of 2X MDM's features on your mobile devices:

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2X MDM Android App Details

  • New Functionality:
    • Device now sends Call History data for the account administrator to track
    • Device now notifies server when device administrator is disabled
  • Improvements:
    • The “About” screen now also shows the account name that manages the device
    • Client connects automatically when the app launches if it was previously “force closed”
    • Optimized retry intervals after attempted connection fails
    • Uninstall Application commands cannot be “ignored”
    • Disabled ignore button for uninstall commands
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed bug where under certain conditions the installed/uninstall applications was not being updated
    • Fixed bug where Lock/Wipe via SMS was not working when other SMS clients were installed (such as GO SMS PRO)
    • Fixed bug where the Status icon would not turn green even though the device was correctly authenticated

2X MDM iPhone App Details

  • New Functionality:
    • Added support for Remote Lock
    • Added support for Remote Wipe
    • Added support for enforcing a Password policy
    • Actions are now executed immediately via Apple’s Push Notification Service
Here you can see the full details of the newly-implemented changes.

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