Mobile devices are prominent in business because communicating and managing your employees is easier via these devices. With so many of us having mobile devices, and those devices possibly containing sensitive information, such as confidential client details, the need for serious mobile management has arisen.

Mobile management has had a great impact on how businesses communicate and work. It takes a mobile device and makes it smarter. For example, with mobile management's device tracking, you can see where your devices (and therefore your employees) are at any time. If the majority of your business is done by visiting customers for sales or servicing, having this information makes the whole process more efficient as it's easier to allocate new call outs.

It's also played a huge role in finding lost or stolen mobile devices. Where previously corporate sensitive data would be lost or even accessed by others, mobile management allows you to manage those devices even when you lose them. Being able to remotely lock a mobile phone or tablet, or remotely wipe all data from it, means that the data is always secure.

With mobile management, you get greater control over what your employees are doing. You don't want employees wasting time on Facebook, or using apps that may expose sensitive data, and mobile management allows you to remotely remove apps to any number of connected devices. Or maybe there is an app you want them all to use that would boost productivity - you can easily remotely deploy apps as well.

It's obvious that mobile devices in business are an asset, but it doesn't have to stop there. Using a mobile management solution such as 2X MDM expands on the benefits from using mobile devices. Sign up for your free 2X MDM account and start making your mobile devices work for you.

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