At 2X, our main concern is making your experience with our product the smoothest, simplest, and enjoyable whenever possible. We constantly work hard to improve our products and make them even faster, reliable, and easy to use. In this article, we take a look at the way the 2X Client for Android v10.1.1206 has been improved to make your experience even better!

Let’ get straight to the point and look at what’s new:


In this new version we have added support for Android 4.0. As some of you may already know, on the latest tablet devices and latest Android versions, Google decided to remove the “menu” button and replace it with the “action button”. Mainly for this reason, we have introduced the “3 fingers menu”. The “3 fingers menu” is an interactive command which makes your interaction not only with the settings but also with your windows a lot easier.

When downloading the latest version of the 2X Client for Android v10.1.1206 and starting your first new session or application, you will be prompted with the following dialogue:

Touch the monitor of your device with 3 fingers and move down to get the menu, and do the same moving upwards to hide the menu. In order to continue, you will actually have to do the 3 fingers movement. This will be helpful while on a session when you want to show or hide the menu. Note that this applies to newer Android devices, as the old ones will still be working the exact same way as it used to be.


You now have the ability to add shortcuts for published applications on your device home screen for your 2X connection (meaning on your connections to applications or desktops published through the 2X Remote Application Server Server). The way it works is simple, if you have a published desktop or application, instead of running through the path every time (open the connection, select the folder etc.), you can simply add a shortcut by holding down the app for 2 seconds and click on the “add shortcut” prompt. This will add the shortcut to your device home screen immediately, so that next time you will be able to start the application or desktop directly from clicking on the shortcut, saving yourself a few seconds!


You now have the ability to “copy, cut, and paste” text from the android device to a published application/desktop via 2X and vice versa, with the added clipboard redirection. So if for example, you have just found an interesting website for your business by using your android internet browser, you can just copy the link of this website from this browser, then start your 2X connection and access this website immediately by simply pasting the link on your published browser etc.(remember this also works the other way around).


Another really cool brand new feature is that now you now have the ability to redirect the sound to your device, with the Sound Redirection feature. In order to achieve this, this setting must first be enabled from your connection settings (meaning the connection to your farm from your device). When accessing the Sound redirection field, you will be prompted with 3 options:

– Do not play

– Leave at remote computer

– Redirect to device (yes this is the one to bring the sound to your device!)

After choosing one of the above, remember to press save and disconnect, as the first time you set this configuration requires a disconnection and a reconnection in order for it to start working.

What is also cool is that after enabling this feature, the volume control of your device will correlate with the volume control of your connection!

One last tip: remember to press on save whenever making any changes 😉

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