A great deal of companies – especially technology and sales oriented companies – have tended to hand out laptops and traditional mobile phones to their employees in the past. However, with the emergence of smartphones, companies now need to better manage mobile phones, as the trend has shifted significantly.

Why carry a 6 lbs laptop around with you when you can practically do everything that's needed on a mobile phone? Unfortunately, companies are finding it difficult to fully manage mobile phones and the way their employees use them. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices allow employees to browse the web, send text messages, record video, and of course, send and receive email. The flip side of a smartphone is that it can be a major distraction to company productivity as game apps can be downloaded easily. According to a recent study by Nielsen, the average iPhone owner spent 14.7 hours playing mobile games over a 30 day period, while the average Android owner spent only 9.3 hours. These playing hours are also spent by the user during working hours.

The other problem is that some apps eat away at company data plans as they require the user to be online when playing them. It has been known that in some cases, companies have had to purchase larger data plans, as their adequate plans aren't sufficient enough to cover the habits of their game-playing-staff. All of this can be avoided if a company understands what it takes to manage mobile phones that are being used by their employees.

How does a company manage mobile phones? Mobile device management has made managing smartphones extremely easy. 2X MDM allows a company to block the user from adding and removing apps. It also allows you to review what apps are installed on your smartphones, as well as being able to see which version of the app is running to ensure your employees are up to date. Mobile device management can also assists you when you need to find and track mobile devices that your employees are carrying.

When companies analyse procedures on how to better manage mobile phones, they're thinking about the content on the phones - custom apps, sensitive data, contact details, etc. - as that is normally far more important that the actual cost of the phone. Many companies have developed custom-built apps, and they certainly don’t want to make them public by uploading them to the Android Market and other app forums. Many custom-built apps need to be tested before being added to the employees phone. The best way of testing an app is to deploy it to a few smartphones and to start making use of it. Mobile device management allows apps to be installed onto multiple smartphones within a few click, which saves a lot of valuable time.

With 2X MDM, it's now easier than ever to completely manage mobile phones and your employees that are using them. The good news is that you can sign up for a free account and add up to 25 Android smartphones to it. What are you waiting for?

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