Smartphones are everywhere. If you don't own a smartphone yourself, chances are you know someone who does. After all, smartphones are like little computers, allowing us to access our email, calendars, planners, edit documents, create presentations, browse the internet and use a number of production-increasing apps. It's no surprise that their use in business is on the rise. You need, then, to make sure you have a good plan when it comes to managing smartphones.

Managing smartphones in your business might sound like a big job - how do you make sure your employees are all using an app you want them to? How do you protect the company data that they have stored on their smartphones? In fact, it's security that is the biggest concern for companies.

Then comes the fact that in some cases where there are hundreds of devices, managing smartphones eats up a lot time. It has been estimated in a survey conducted by UK Internet Service Provider, Timico, that just over 40% of UK based companies spend up to 5 hours every single day managing smartphones and tablets. That works out at an average of $2,500.00 spent each year for each individual device, according to Gartner.

Companies are turning to mobile device management solutions such as 2X MDM, as it makes it much easier when it comes to managing smartphones. Every device is connected to an account, and users can then see where all devices are in real time, control the apps on each device, and maintain security.

For example, apps can be deployed to or removed from groups of devices simultaneously from the online dashboard, without needing to collect each device and spend hours installing, updating, checking and troubleshooting with employees. Security is taken care of as users can remotely lock a smartphone or remotely wipe all data from a mobile device in case it gets lost or stolen.

As they are here to stay, companies need to manage smartphones to save time, money and keep security tight - sign up for your free 2X MDM account today and start managing all your company smartphones.

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