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Mobile PrintThe consumerization of IT and the BYOD phenomenon have spread out across businesses and government organizations, largely because employees are using the popular smartphone and tablet technologies at home and then introducing them into the workplace.

A recent Enterprise Strategy Group survey of enterprises and mid-market companies bears this out:

  • 62% of enterprises and 40% of mid-market companies reported experiencing significant growth in employees’ use of alternative endpoint devices.
  • End-user demand for these devices emerged as the leading cause for this shift, with 75% of enterprises and 62% of mid-market companies citing it as a factor.
  • 56% of enterprises and 37% of mid-market companies report that most end users want to start using smartphones for work, more than any other device.

Mobile Print End-User Needs

The use of mobile devices has been progressively extended from email to virtual corporate applications and desktops. Parallels RAS already supports thousands of businesses in delivering any application and desktop to any mobile device platform. Work on tablets has become very common; on tablets, users can perform practically the same operations as on a traditional workstation.

However, printing documents from a tablet or smartphone in a virtual network is a complex task. Although applications for mobile printing already exist, Apple AirPrint for iPhones being one example, the complexity in redirecting printing from the remote server makes them difficult to use. This printing limitation may prevent mobile devices from being considered as fully operational workstations.

Mobile Print with Parallels RAS

Years ago, Parallels created the most advanced printing redirection for Windows Server and all hypervisors. Now, our R&D Lab has enhanced this technology to allow seamless printing even from mobile devices, such as tablets, iPhones and Android phones.

End users can now enjoy an easy and reliable solution for their printing needs, even on the go. IT managers can put their minds at rest and forget the complex configuration required with other software solutions. Parallels printing redirection is embedded in Parallels RAS, so is up and running for mobile devices from the outset, without any extra actions being required.

Parallels calls its printing redirection solution ‘Universal Printing’, because the solution allows you to use the local printer universally, from a tablet, smartphone, iPad, thin client, Windows phone or Android device. As files transferred on the network are smaller in size, the overall network performance is not affected. Parallels RAS is the best choice to mobilize your workforce and allow it to maintain high productivity everywhere.


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