Living in a high mobile age, smartphones have now become our very own personal handheld computers. These devices are so precious to us that we can’t live without them can we? Why do we love them so? Well, we can take them everywhere, and they can do almost anything a PC can and you can download various apps that serve your needs. On those devices we have all sorts of personal information stored, from contacts, emails, photos, notes, bank details to social networking access. The pick of the lidder in this case, is that with the mobility trend overtaking enterprises today, you can even take your smartphone or tablet to work and have access to corporate data.

While mobile devices are taking over our lives, cyber criminals have now found something new to feed on. Statistics reveal that 6 million smartphone users worldwide were infected with malware or a virus from June 2011 to June 2012, mostly from apps they downloaded. So if you want to enjoy everything a smartphone offers to you, mobile security is a must. Hackers have now turned their attention to smartphones and all sorts of mobile devices since they are poorly secured compared to laptops and desktops. How do hackers and cyber criminals access our smartphones? Well, think about how smartphones work at the first place and why we buy them! My thought is cool Apps!! Through application stores there is an unlimited number of applications you can purchase. With no effort at all, hackers spread malware through mobile applications. You only need to download one infected app and there you go! A weird stranger has access to all your personal and corporate information. Malware developers can develop fake applications, let’s say a banking application. You have just become a victim of data theft. According to Bit9 1 in 4 Android apps were rated "suspicious" or "questionable" last year by collecting information about you, your phone and your recent purchases. Cyber criminals can also reap sensitive data and credentials through Wi-Fi hotspot connections. How this works? By creating fake hotspots in public places.

So if you love your smartphone, secure it. If again you own a company and your employees have access to corporate data through their personal devices, cyber criminals will most likely come knocking on your door. So make sure you get armed. 2X MDM is a dream coming true for you and a nightmare for hackers. With 2X’s 2X MDM solution you can enforce strong passwords which will make it much harder for the criminal to access your phone. It also allows you to monitor for rogue and malicious apps that may be installed on your smartphone preventing data theft. 2X MDM offers full Mobile Security by also providing Find and Track features, and the ability to manage your Wi-Fi Networks.

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