As the entire world becomes progressively more mobile, more and more of your business takes place outside your office – you and your staff are probably already reliant on company-owned Smartphones and tablets. With your team out on the road, and with other employees telecommuting, how do you keep track of your day-to-day operations? Real-time monitoring with 2X MDM means you can keep everyone who’s out of the office in the loop.

The 2X MDM online dashboard lets you track and monitor all of your connected devices in real time, which means you've got everything covered, from lead generation to fulfillment. You can audit and monitor user activity, including call logs, messages sent and received, and which apps have been installed or removed. With real-time monitoring you know exactly how each member of your team is progressing through his or her day, and you can help individual team members connect with each other. You can send messages to multiple devices simultaneously, and receive instant delivery status, without the associated charges.

The 2X MDM online dashboard includes Google Maps, so you can track connected devices and monitor the status of each device. This means you can advise customers exactly where a particular technician or salesperson is and when he or she will arrive, and you can help lost employees get back on the road and to meetings and appointments on time.

What 2X MDM does is help you create a unified network of connected devices that operates in real-time, no matter how dispersed your staff might be. Step outside the office and take it with you. Sign up for your free 2X MDM account here.

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