Administrators can now send an email invitation to their users that allows them to automatically configure the 2X MDM account.

New Features
- Ability to configure 2X MDM via email attachment
- Added an advanced section to connect to a different server.
Bug Fixes / Changes
- Fixed disconnect bug on Waiting Approval state
- Removed the UDID API and changed it with the VendorID API to be compatible with iOS 6.1.x onward
We are very pleased to announce the release of the new 2X MDM iOS Cient
1) When a user manually configures the iOS 2X MDM app, the device will be shown in the Pending Approval node only once he has installed the Profile on the device.
2) When a user uses the config file to configure the 2X MDM app, it will show for one minute in the Pending Approval before being automatically approved by its self.
3) For users who use the GMAIL app to open their attachments, they will now be able to open our config file by opening the attachment through the GMAIL app using Safari.

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