We are pleased to announce a new version of 2X MDM – build 5.0.266. The highlights of this new version include a new blacklist and whitelist, support for iOS (iPhone / iPad) application management, auto-detection of offline clients and auto-wake up for Android phones.

Below is a full list of new features, improvements, fixes and known issues for the Server:


  • Added Application Blacklist and Whitelist.
    Blacklist screenshot
  • Ability to send out an email to the Administrator when an Application Blacklist Rule is broken
  • Introduced Application Management for iPhone/iPad
  • Server detects 2X MDM Client is offline and automatically requests update from 2X MDM client. This causes the 2X MDM Client to restart if the application is not running (available for Android only)
  • Added an option to turn off paging to view all data on one page


  • Added Create An Account link in login page
  • List of applications refreshes automatically when applications are added or removed.
  • Added error when connecting a device with a non-activated account.
  • Step by step instructions link when creating Apple Certificate
  • Improved form validation


  • Fixed could not upload APK files bigger than 2Mb
  • Fixed "User Options" were not being remembered when "Allow user to manage client" is selected
  • Solved a bug where iPhone devices where being shown as offline after being unblocked
  • When a message is sent to a user logged in on multiple devices it was only being delivered to the first device
  • Occasional temporary client disconnects
  • Audits were showing currently logged in admin rather than the one who performed the action.
  • Sorting by date in Audits was not working correctly

Known Issues

  • iOS applications are not refreshed automatically when a user installs a new application
  • Cannot remove an application which was not installed via Mobile Device Manager

Below is a full list of improvements and fixes for the Client. Note that these updates affect only the Android App:


  • Added 'Try Now' button for when connection to Mobile Device Manager server fails
  • Logoff was taking long when client is not connected to the internet


  • Screen timeout setting was being lost after performing lock on some phones.
  • Lock/Wipe via SMS was not working on some phones.
  • Occasional could not connect to server state

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Please post any questions and comments in our Forums and interact with the 2X MDM Team.

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