We've just released a new update for 2X MDM (Build 5.1.301) that fixes a few bugs and improves our service both in the dashboard as well as the Android and iPhone apps.

2X MDM Fixes and Improvements


  • We've simplified the Apple Certificate form.
  • Your Call History time statistics will now be more accurate
  • iPhone's now get prompted to install a profile immediately - before they are approved.
  • 2X MDM will now show an error to enable browser cookies.
  • We removed an error that was appearing when unblocking multiple android devices.


  • We've removed the Login/Signup screen when the app is first launched.
    • The activate device administrator screen is now shown on first launch.
  • We fixed a crash on ZTE Smart Chat.
  • We've fixed an error where entering your registration password wasn't always being accepted on the first attempt.


  • A Prompt to install a profile is now being shown immediately when the app is first launched.
  • A prompt to enter account name is now being shown in a dialog.
  • The app will now connect automatically when launched.
  • We've fixed a problem where profile notifications were not being cleared.

2X MDM Android and iPhone Apps

To take advantage of 2X MDM’s features on your mobile devices:

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