New 2X Client for Windows 11 makes application hosting seamless…..

2X Remote Application Server makes it possible to read and edit documents on the client machine from any application which is deployed remotely. You can even automatically register document file extensions so that the remote application is deployed automatically to launch the document.

For both of the above actions to work the “Drive Redirection” feature must be enabled from both client and server, however in version 10.1 the user only has the ability to either turn all drives on or all drives off.

As from v10.5 of 2X Remote Application Server the Windows Client will have more options to manage this feature. The user can now do the following:

  • Enable or disable drive redirection completely
  • Enable all drives or select specific drives to redirect
  • Redirect drives which are plugged into the system after the session has started

The new features allows end users who want to redirect some data to the remote servers to keep private data completely private without the fear that the remote system might access this data.

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