Gone are the days when hacking and identity theft were associated with desktops and laptops. The recent explosion of smartphones onto the business segment makes them vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks. While the number of smartphones and BYOD networks are increasing at a rapid pace, so are the security threats. In early 2013, CBS News reported that smartphones are becoming prime targets for criminals. According to CBS, a device called Femtocell that was supposed to enhance a cell phone signal was able to tap into Verizon smartphones and access data that was received and sent. Moreover, anyone could purchase this device for just $300. Although this issue was quickly sorted out by Verizon, it raises questions about mobile device security.

Advancements in technology can be seen in hacking programs as well. Today, you can download software from the internet to hack passwords. Without a strong password policy, your mobile devices can be hacked within hours. BYOD environments pose additional problems for businesses. Hackers disguise malware in the form of apps; when these malicious apps are downloaded, they can access sensitive information present on the device, as well as using the same device to connect to a corporate network and gain access to critical corporate data. The fact that 100,000 Android apps on Google Play are suspicious, as reported by Bit9, is a serious concern for businesses of all sizes. With the number of smartphones doubling by 2015, businesses have to enforce a strong password policy for all devices across the organization.

2X MDM Security Solutions

To ensure a secure BYOD environment, a strong password policy is required. Password settings such as password requirement, length, aging, history, complexity and idle time out should be considered. 2X MDM is a powerful mobile security solution whereby a strong password policy is automatically implemented across all devices in an organization, with no need for manual enforcement.

2X MDM takes care of secure password settings. It allows you to set a minimum password length and locks the device after a time lapse. After a specified number of failed password attempts, the device is reset to factory settings. Moreover, you can remotely change passwords, lock the device or wipe off data. This feature is especially useful when a device is stolen or lost. You can review apps downloaded on each device and take actions accordingly. 2X MDM is a comprehensive solution for all your mobile management needs.

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