‘Phone lost’ is one of the most common search phrases on Google, with more than 30,000 hits per year worldwide. Statistics indicate an increase in stolen or lost phones in the last several months. In January 2014, more than 8,000 Apple phones were reported stolen in New York alone. On the other side of the Atlantic, things are no better: in London more than 55,000 phones were declared to be lost or stolen in the last six months.

With the growing BYOD trend, a company has to consider this risk carefully. A lost phone can have important confidential data saved on the memory card and in the email folder, posing a risk to business assets.

2X MDM (Mobile Device Manager) offers an effective answer to this problem, by allowing customers to track and locate the phone using the GPS locator and erase the contents if necessary.

Phone Lost: Features of 2X MDM

  • Find and track mobile devices: always know where your mobile devices are.
  • Location history: check the last positions registered.
  • Remote lock: lock out unwanted eyes by remotely locking the phone through the web.
  • Remotely wipe your phone's data including contacts, files, email and user accounts.
  • Theft portrait: remotely activate the camera and send a portrait through email.

2X MDM is a fully comprehensive platform designed to help organisations of any size to manage and control mobile devices. Using the GPS locator with find and track it is very simple to determine the location of the phone. The location is displayed with the full address on a map and a report can be downloaded for further analysis. Location history updates are triggered based on the time and distance traveled. For example, if a device moves more than 50 meters, a location update is logged. Even when the battery runs out, the last known position of the device is a good clue.

Lock remotely allows you to lock your lost or stolen phone, to prevent any unauthorized person from gaining access to your personal and corporate data. 2X MDM allows you to lock your device from the central console; before searching for the device or wiping it, it is advisable to immediately safeguard the information it contains. Remotely wipe your device to erase any data it contains and restore factory settings. When there is no possibility to retrieve a lost phone, this option is best in order to remove any risk of data leakage.

The latest version of 2X MDM offers the possibility to control Android devices from the central console. It is possible to use and manage the camera, email, files and folders. This unique characteristic even allows you to use the phone to take a portrait of the thief and send it to you by email. 2X Mobile Device Management is the best-in-class solution when you need to find your lost phone.


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