If you have an iPhone, chances are you have your personal and/or business information stored on it. You probably have contact details of your family, friends, colleagues and clients, SMS and email messages, photos, videos and more. After all, you can fit a lot of data on a device most of us use like little computers. But all this data in one place means that you risk having more exposed should you lose or misplace your phone. This is where being able to remote lock iPhone devices comes in very handy.

Businesses are turning to mobile device management services for security reasons. Many phones get lost or stolen everyday worldwide, and companies need to protect their confidential data. It’s not only businesses, either, as many individuals like you and me want to protect our personal information.

Criminals aren't as interested in the actual devices themselves as much as the data on it which can be sold on the black market for more money than an iPhone or tablet is worth. Being able to remote lock an iPhone can make the difference between having your data kept safe or not.

Being able to remote lock an iPhone with 2X MDM is easy. You just log in to your 2X MDM dashboard, click on your device and then click on the remote lock button. The system will send a command to your iPhone and lock it, forcing the person with the device to enter a newly set PIN number before they can continue. Your data is safe.

With 2X MDM, you can also find and track your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen. Being able to remote lock an iPhone is an extra security precaution until you can go and recover it.

To benefit from the security that comes from being able to remote lock your iPhone, sign up for a free 2X MDM account. Once you have signed up, click here to follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up your account.

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