Quite a few smartphone users have their personal and business information stored in their handsets. From our family, friends, and business contacts, our personal and business SMS and email messages, to the photos and videos we've taken - we keep a great deal of information stored on our smartphones and tablets. Let's not forget all the passwords we've stored when we use apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Could our data be compromised?

The answer to that is yes. What would you do if all the information stored in your phone happened to fall into the wrong hands? Businesses are now turning to mobile device management services in a bid to remote lock any smartphone and tablet that may have been misplaced or stolen. Thing is, it's not only businesses - a growing number of individuals are also turning to online services such as 2X MDM so that if needed, they can remote lock their smartphone.

With the prominence of smartphones and tablets, these devices aren't the only thing that criminals are interested in. Identity theft is on the rise and many thieves are now solely after the information that is stored on mobile devices as it's worth far more than the cost of a smartphone or tablet on the black market.

With 2X MDM, you can not only find and track your mobile device if it's lost or stolen, but can also remote lock it so that none of your information, be it business or otherwise, is exposed. It's really easy to remote lock your device too. All you need to do is go to the 2X MDM online dashboard, click on your device and hit the remote lock button. Once you've done that, a command will be sent to your device that will instantly lock it by asking the user to enter a PIN. Easy, isn't it.

To remote lock your mobile device, sign up for a free 2X MDM account. Once you have signed up, click here to follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up your account.

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