In the previous article
, we showed you why it's so important to lock your phone and also how you can lock it via your Android settings. We also showed you how to remotely lock your device, using 2X MDM. In this article, I'll show you how being able to find and track your Android device provides extra security. We'll also take a look at just how important it may be to remote wipe Android devices.

Whether you've forgotten your Android at a restaurant, dropped it down the side of your car seat or had it stolen, finding a lost phone isn't usually an easy affair. Fortunately, though, most Android phones have built-in GPS functions that makes it much simpler to locate it next time you or an employee/colleague loses it or has it stolen.

After all, it is a real hassle having to purchase a new Android device. It's not only the money involved but there's all your sensitive data contained on a device as well, such as confidential emails from clients or company details and business apps.

2X MDM displays the real time locations of all connected devices via Google Maps, and, as we showed in the last article, with the remote lock feature, you can ensure no one accesses the phone until you retrieve it. What happens if you can't get your phone back? That's where the remote wipe of Android devices comes in very handy.

Remote Wipe Android Devices

Remotely wiping an Android device means resetting the device back to it's factory default settings and clearing any data you had stored on it or even in any attached SD cards.

Guide on remotely wiping an Android device

To remote wipe an Android device, all you need to do is log in to your 2X MDM online dashboard, select your device and hit the 'Wipe' button.

Wiping an Android phone or tablet remotely

You'll be prompted to enter your account password to confirm you want to continue with the remote wipe. You can't undo this action, so make sure it's what you want to do before hitting the "Wipe Devices" button. You can do this procedure to individual or even entire groups of phones in one go, which is already saving companies loads of time.

Start taking advantage of the extra security by being able to find and track your Android devices, as well as by being able to remote wipe them by signing up for your free 2X MDM account today. Click here for a getting started guide.

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