It’s always important to get your mobile employees to their destinations as promptly as possible. Customers don’t want to be kept waiting, and often your company image is on the line.

Stories are often told of businesses frustrating their customers with slow response times or vague answers about when an employee can assist them. This is where mobile tracking and sending locations to mobile devices can give your workforce a boost to their productivity and efficiency.

Mobile Device Management allows administrators to pinpoint any location on Google Maps within the dashboard and send it as a message to mobile devices. When an employee opens the message, their Google Maps app shows them the exact location. There’s no more need to delay by consulting paper maps and trying to explain over the phone.

Fine tune tracking parameters per group of, or even individual devices to increase the frequency that a device sends location updates to 2X MDM in high availability scenarios.

When employees know exactly where they need to go, response time is improved and therefore customer service is improved.  Checks may also be performed per device to review routes taken.

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