Mobile Security is of vital importance today since all of us use smartphones and tablets for both personal and work purposes.The BYOD scheme continues to grow fiercely, exposing even more security risks since employees can access the company’s data through their personal devices. A survey conducted by Security experts Check Point June 2013,( reports that sensitive company data stored on mobile devices has increased by 17% since 2012. Losing important corporate data not only damages the company but it also costs a lot, 52% of large companies state that the cost of mobile security incidents last year exceeded $500,000. That’s a lot of money isn't it? Even though Mobile Security awareness has been adopted by a lot of companies, 63% do not manage the devices that are connected to their corporate network. Now that is scary!

Join me in a imaginarium company where you, as the CEO, employ 100 individuals. Almost 80% of your employees use their personal devices for work purposes. Due to the many responsibilities you have you didn't have time to do your own little research about the security risks that this may cause to your company. I know you heard that little voice at the very back of your head whispering “Security, security, security” but you kept ignoring it, until one day you received that phone call that made you regret the moment you did. Someone hacked your corporate network and messed up with your sensitive corporate data. Do you know how much this will cost you? I know one thing for sure - a mobile security solution will cost nothing compared to what you have to pay now!

Let’s think about another scenario, something that could happen within the company, an insider threat. Lets say you have a dissatisfied employee that hates your guts and shows it to you every now then. You decide that he has to go and you give him the boot. Erm, wait a second, he still has access to all your sensitive corporate data on his own personal device. Is there any chance that he would agree to come to the office so your IT Pros will remove everything that has to do with the company from his device? My guess is.. No chance!

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