Parallels has developed several tools for troubleshooting Parallels Remote Application Sever farm for any issues which may arise. With the Parallels Log Viewer, review logs  from the Log Node and audits from the Audit Node.

Troubleshooting Parallels with Parallels Log Viewer

2X Log Viewer

The Parallels Log viewer is among the most useful tools that administrators can use for troubleshooting Parallels Remote Application Server activity.

This tool is installed automatically by default with the Parallels Remote Application Server and can be launched from the Windows Task bar:

1. Right click Parallels Monitor icon
2. Click “Show Log File”

Log Node and Logs

The logs node displays activity on the Parallels Remote Application Server. This tool is especially useful to identify issues in the logs when a problem occurs.


Logging can be enabled per server in the Parallels Remote Application Server farm. Although typically logs are good reference for developers, while troubleshooting issues some indications in the logs that will assist in determining and solving an existing issues.

To enable logging on a particular server, from the sites Setting node, navigate to:

1. The Global Logging tab
2. Click click “Start All Logs”

Audit Node and Settings Audit

In the Audit node provides administrators with the ability to review all of the user activity, for example which user accessed a specific published resource.
2X AuditsAuditing can be enabled or disabled per site from the Parallels Remote Application Server Console from the Auditing tab in the site’s Settings node.

Use these tools to quickly identify issues and efficiently resolve them. In the occasion that a deeper analysis needs to be performed, check out alternative methods of troubleshooting here.

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