I’m proud to announce the 2X development team’s new release, Version 8 for our 2X VirtualDesktopServer and ApplicationServer & LoadBalancer product group. Our new release now fills the gap between desktop virtualization and the management of thin client devices. With Version 8, we allow the central management of thin client devices and software applications together in a virtual environment. Our software solution truly gives back centralized power and control to managers and administrators, providing a better user experience.

We will ensure a smooth upgrade process to our customers, both technically and administratively. This is how it works:

A free upgrade to our new release is allowed for those with either valid Upgrade Insurance, or a license activation date less than 60 days old. If either condition applies to you, please download and install the new version, as no new license key is required. After installation, you can have your license key approved using the 2X Console.

If these conditions don’t apply, you will need to purchase a Version Upgrade for Version 8 to have your license approved for the new version. We also suggest purchasing Upgrade Insurance to receive new versions throughout the upcoming year.

To purchase, please contact your local reseller, or email us directly at sales@2x.com.

We look forward to working with you, and thanks for your confidence and trust in 2X!

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