Using Virtual Desktops as a Data Access Security Solution

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In the not too distant past, the general assumption was that most corporate applications would be accessed from within the network perimeter. Today this simply is not the case. Application vendors understand that users are far mobile than they once were and that they use a wide variety of devices. As such, many enterprise applications are designed to be accessed remotely (usually through a Web interface).

Although it may be convenient for your end users to have anywhere access to various applications, providing this access is not without risk. Generally speaking, the more resources that you make directly accessible from beyond the network perimeter, the greater the chance that one of those applications will eventually be used as an entry point during a security breach.

What if there were a way to improve dramatically improve security, while still providing users with access to the applications that they need? It can be done, and virtual desktops can help.

Like most things in IT, an organization’s application set tends to evolve over time. A seasoned administrator probably isn’t going to wake up one morning and decide that they need to roll out ten different applications, all of which are externally accessible through a Web interface.

What usually happens instead is that a new version of an application that an organization is already running just happens to have a Web interface feature that makes it externally accessible. As time goes on, new versions of other applications (and newly acquired applications) also end up having Web interfaces that are inevitably made externally accessible. The end result is a cloud like experience in which users can access a variety of different applications.

Eventually, such an organization may decide to make the switch from physical desktops to virtual desktops. Often times administrators choose to make virtual desktops externally accessible so that users can work from home or so that the users can access their corporate desktop while they are traveling.

Because externally accessible applications and virtual desktops tend to be implemented at different times, administrators might not realize that there are multiple paths to a common set of applications. If a user can access private cloud applications through a virtual desktop, do they really need to be able to access that same application from outside of the virtual desktop? Probably not.

If an organization hosts its own virtual desktops and hosts other externally accessible applications itself, then firewall rules can be put into place to block outside access to those applications. Users will still be able to access the applications from within a virtual desktop session, because the virtual desktops themselves reside within the corporate network perimeter. Therefore, a connection to a private cloud application from within a virtual desktop that is also hosted in the same private cloud environment is seen as a local connection. This means that the applications are still accessible to end users, even though direct external access to the applications has been blocked. In essence, the virtual desktop is acting as an application proxy, even though the underlying process is completely transparent.

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