Leading virtualization site VirtualizationAdmin.com recently announced that 2X ApplicationServer, 2X Software’s comprehensive solution for application and desktop delivery, was selected the winner in the “Application Server” category of VirtualizationAdmin.com’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards were given after bi-monthly polls were conducted to discover which product administrators preferred for given categories. After much deliberation, 2X ApplicationServer was chosen over a host of competing solutions in its category.

Sean Buttigieg, VirtualizationAdmin.com manager, notes that  “Our Readers’ Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category. VirtualizationAdmin.com users are specialists in their field who encounter various solutions for virtualization at the workplace.  The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry.”

For more information on the Readers’ Choice Awards, please visit: http://www.virtualizationadmin.com.

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