Many mobile phones and tablets have integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking systems that provide independent mobile tracking through the device, alleviating the need for a separate dedicated GPS unit. Established in 1973 by the United States Department of Defense, GPS tracking works via a network of satellites in orbit to determine the location and time of the device. The data can only be sent when there are four or more satellites within line of sight of the device.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has required mobile phones to have GPS tracking capabilities since 2005 and accuracy is required to be within 110 yards (about 100m) for emergency purposes. This is called E911.

Initially, GPS tracking in mobile phones was used to track employee locations. GPS tracking services are often referred to as location-based services (LBS), as well. While some older mobile devices may not have GPS tracking (apart from being activated in an emergency), most devices now include GPS features and applications as standard. One such application of GPS tracking is being able to find a lost mobile.

Today, GPS tracking is used in business and home life.  For example, a delivery company can use GPS tracking in order to know where all its delivery trucks are. This allows the business to ensure that all employees are where they should be during working hours, and the company can also let customers know the location of a truck that is due to deliver to their house.

Parents track children via the GPS tracking function within their children's smartphones. Whether it's a young child staying over at a friends house, or a teenager that has started driving, 2X MDM can pinpoint the location of your children's Android devices. Nowadays, most kids seem to forget everything but their mobile phones, so you can count on finding your children easily with the GPS tracking functionality in Mobile Device Manager.

A lot of businesses and families are now taking advantage of GPS tracking by using mobile device management. You too can make use of GPS tracking by signing up for a free 2X MDM account today, where you can add up to 25 Android smartphones and tablets.

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