Beta of 2X Remote Application Server V.12 – Windows Desktop Replacement

We’ve just launched the beta of 2X Remote Application Server V12, with amazing new features. This beta version is fully functional and it offers you the opportunity to try our product.

Windows Desktop Replacement in 2X RAS V12 – What is it ?

Windows Desktop Replacement: 2X Remote Application Server version 12 includes a new feature (Replace Desktop) within the new Windows Devices Client Manager. This article explains what happens when the Replace Desktop option is enabled, and why it is useful to administrators. Open the device properties and select the OS Settings tab. The Replace Desktop option also requires an administrative password. Windows Desktop Replacement When enabled, this feature allows the administrator to convert a standard desktop into a limited device similar to a Thin Client, without replacing the operating system.

The end user will not have access to Windows Explorer, Taskbar or any other component that usually allows him to install new applications or change system settings. The user can now only deploy applications configured within the 2X RDP client. Applications can be remote applications or desktops, and locally configured applications. Local applications are allowed, so that if specific applications are needed and are not available remotely (e.g. software which communicates with specific peripherals), the user can still deploy them. When the Replace Desktop option is applied, the management component will do the following:

Feature XP Vista 7 8 8.1
Replace Desktop with 2X RDP Client X X X X X
Disable Start Button X X X X X
Restrict Control Panel Access X X X X X
Disable Windows Key X X X X X
Disable the Task Manager X X X X X
Disable Quick Access Toolbars X X n/a n/a n/a
Disable Security Manager/Action Center Notifications X X X X X
Lock the Taskbar X X X X X
Remove Pinned Applications n/a n/a X X X
Disable Metro Screen (user logs directly to desktop) n/a n/a n/a X X
Disable Hot Corners n/a n/a n/a X X
Disable Charm Hints n/a n/a n/a X X
Disable Help Aids n/a n/a n/a X X
Disable Windows Sidebar n/a X X n/a n/a

In this mode, the user also has access to the Mouse and Display Control Panel applets. The user cannot change the 2X RDP Client Global Options and the 2X Client Farm Connection Options. Advanced management features can be enabled if the device is switched into administration mode. For more information about Windows Desktop Replacement read the article “Administrative Mode in the 2X RDP Client Desktop Replacement.”

Before After 
Windows Desktop Replacement Windows Desktop Replacement

If the Windows Desktop Replacement feature is switched off, all the restrictions are removed and the standard Desktop is made available to the user.

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