Microsoft Office Communications Server Service Module

The Microsoft Office Communications Server Service Module supports the latest version of Microsoft Office Communications Server, version, 2007 R2. With this module, you can easily offer your customers a variety of cloud-based messaging and collaboration services, including presence information, instant messaging, conferencing, and enterprise-class voice capabilities.

Increase ARPU and decrease churn with popular communications services

Businesses around the world use Microsoft Office Communications Server for instant messaging, presence information, conferencing, and voice capabilities. Now, with the Parallels Office Communications Server Service Module, you can offer these services via the cloud to your customers who use Microsoft Exchange for their email solution. The Microsoft Office Communications Server module enables your customers to integrate private, secure instant messaging, including presence information and other unified communications capabilities, with their Microsoft Exchange experience. The service module includes everything you need to rapidly deploy enterprise-class communications — and the worldwide popularity of Microsoft Office Communications Server will help you increase average revenue per user and decrease customer churn.

Choose the features and business model that best meet your needs
As you decide to include specific new features you can create new service plans or elect to bill each feature separately. And the robust user interface makes it easy to add new features and expand the offering with in-house development resources.

Combine with Exchange Service Module for broader communications capabilities
For an even broader set of communications services, you can combine Parallels Microsoft Office Communications Server Service Module with our Microsoft Exchange Service Module — one of our most popular modules. This combination will enable you to allocate resources such as the number of mailboxes and the amount of storage space according to which service plan the customer selects — and to bill the customer for any overage charges. With Office Communications Server, you can also add the latest unified messaging services to your customers.

Combine with SharePoint Service Module for integrated content management and information sharing
Microsoft SharePoint supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise with a single integrated platform. By combining the Microsoft Office Communications Server Service Module with the SharePoint Service Module, you can offer your customers not only a complete set of communication services, but also integrated content management and information-sharing capabilities, helping them gain better insight into their business, improve their decision making, and collaboration.


Simplify management of Microsoft Office Communications services

The Microsoft Office Communications Server Service Module simplifies the task of offering a comprehensive set of communication services by:

  • Automates the creation of accounts and deletion of accounts
  • Automates the up-selling, provisioning and billing process
  • Allowing you to create Microsoft Office Communications Server templates that offer multiple levels of service at different price points
  • Supporting Microsoft’s integrated Enterprise Voice and Remote Call Control telephony functions
  • Managing the server pool and provisioning attributes for Microsoft Office Communications Server
  • Updating meeting policies for integration with Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Managing Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement reporting on active users, resulting in simplified administration
  • Offering two levels of customer control panels: one for the administrator, with overall account level privileges, and one allowing end users to perform basic management operations themselves

New features are constantly being added to this list.

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