Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 was built for application reliability, availability, and performance in the Cloud.  By combining versions of Microsoft's most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of its desktop suite (with Office Pro Plus), Microsoft delivers unparalleled productivity gains to small and medium organizations.  Office 365 provides information workers the convenience of being able to access the latest versions of Office Professional Plus, SharePoint, Exchange Online and Lync Online from any location - and from any device with a browser.

As a service provider, there are two ways of offering Microsoft Office 365 to your customers: refer them to Microsoft to purchase the service and in exchange receive a multi-year referral fee, or for qualified Microsoft Office 365 partners, sell the service as part of a bundle to customers directly through syndication.  Syndication offers higher margins and enables you to maintain the customer billing relationship, providing the opportunity to sell customers additional Cloud services.   However, in order to build the right infrastructure to offer Microsoft Office 365 through syndication you need to integrate the service with all of your systems - marketing, ordering, provisioning, billing, and support.

Office 356 and Parallels Automation - Full Integration means ease of use

Parallels Automation mitigates these requirements and will dramatically reduce your time to market. Parallels Automation can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Service providers, who take advantage of the integrated solution from Parallels and Microsoft, can deliver Office 365 and countless other cloud services - to global customers who then access them over the Internet.

In order to offer Microsoft Office 365, a service provider sets up a new syndicated partner account with Microsoft, configures Parallels Automation and creates new offerings that include Office 365. Customers purchase these services through a web-based interface.The graphic to the right represents architecture of Parallels Automation and Microsoft Online Services Integration (MOSI). The MOSI set of APIs give the service provider the ability to control the operations of the web-based interface, as well as many of the provisioning and management tasks.

Amp up Office 365 with additional services

Parallels delivers the Microsoft Office 365 application packaged according to the APS standard. This package is deployed at Parallels Operations Automation (POA) Management Node. After this, Office 365 offerings are configured in POA. The Parallels Provisioning Gateway Host, specific to Office 365, provides the scripting engine to interact with Office 365 Gateway Host. The Office 365 Gateway Host is the communications link between Parallels Automation and Microsoft Cloud. Thus, operations such as provisioning users and providing access performed by customers in PA control panels are propagated to their accounts in MOSI.

Although Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic productivity suite on its own for SMBs, there are many other apps and services that can augment it, such as Symantec or MacAfee.  There are many other services needed by SMBs that are either hosted or syndicated by service providers.  In addition, by bundling Office 365 with other services like shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and hundreds of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications as well as Anti-virus and Anti-spam services, you will take your business even further and ensure that your customers will get what they really want and need.

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