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ISVs and Service Partners: Deliver SaaS applications faster

Parallels is working with independent software vendors (ISVs) and cloud service partners to rapidly deliver high-demand business applications across a wide range of categories in the form of software as a service (SaaS). By packaging these applications in compliance with the Application Packaging Standard (APS), you can ensure of seamless integration with Parallels products and with offerings delivered through our cloud services provider channel.

Application Packaging Standard

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Increase your profits with cloud services

For an ISV, application developer and/or service partner, the SaaS delivery model represents an enormous opportunity to reach a mass market of SMBs. And with Parallels products, including Parallels Automation, you have a proven way to rapidly deliver SaaS applications and services on a large scale — so you can take full advantage of the cloud to expand your business and increase your profits.

We always advise ISVs to partner up with resellers to have a multi-tier distribution channel. Service providers that have the [Parallels] SaaS Module … can start deploying the service to their customers instantly. APS really improves speed to market.     

— Roland Sars, CEO, BackupAgent

See a sampling of the types of applications and services that our cloud services providers can offer by viewing our Parallels Application and Services Catalog here.

Get new applications to market faster

Parallels Automation has a fully-integrated back office for ordering, billing, managing, and supporting your applications. Whether you're hosting your own applications or partnering with a Parallels hosting provider, we’ll help you roll out new applications faster than you ever could before. With Parallels, your developers can focus their efforts on creating great applications — not on packaging and delivery.

Reach a wider audience

APS is a packaging format designed to help ISVs and Cloud Services Providers easily implement a SaaS business model — and it’s free to all service providers and ISV/service partners. Developing SaaS applications to the APS standard is essential if you want to reach a wide audience. Because Parallels applications are packaged to meet this standard, they can be easily integrated with the offerings of multiple service providers in a global channel.

Be a Part of Parallels’ SaaS ecosystem

Parallels is a driving force behind the creation of a large-scale cloud computing ecosystem, in which software vendors and cloud operators come together deliver a wide variety of services to businesses and consumers. Part of this delivery system is the APS Catalog — which can list your applications when you become a Parallels customer. This catalog can be easily accessed by Parallels customers and control panel end users, who can browse its contents and download hundreds of APS-packaged hosting applications.

Package Your Business Application in APS and get into the Cloud!

We’ve partnered with several companies and made them official APS System Integrators. Parallels has developed this program to provide a network of system integrators that can help Service Partners and Application Vendors APS package their offerings and get into the APS catalog faster.

Work with these companies to get your application packaged in APS! They have new tools and the improved processes to make it easier for any SaaS ISV to enable, promote, sell and profit from using the Application Packaging Standard. Contact them today to find out more about their APS System Integration services:

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